Update on developmemt

Currently have 2 GUI elements, all the characters written out, all story written out, some code and models done, and a few room layouts done. However I still do not have a base character model, I am not experienced enough to do that. I would like to give credit to TheGamerKid678 on Reddit for helping with the game’s GUI and creating room layouts. 
Note: I can’t create animations or ask for them until I have character base models, and I don’t have enough momey to pay someone, and I am not skilled anough to create them myself.


I’m making a new game, and would like to assemble a team

Similar to Yandere Simulator, as they are both set in a Japenese High School, and involve murder and social stealth. What I currently need are character models, a fairly large Japenese high school model, and tree models. I’d like to have a Yandere Simulator-like art style, but I don’t want to use assets from the Unity Store. My email adress is kathyjakubowski1@gmail.com. Please send me assets there.

It’s going to be a game about a Japanese high school schoolgirl named Oda Kiyoshi who is born bloodthirsty and wants to make everyone miserable and then kill everyone in school without anyone knowing what she does. It is only an option to make them miserable. If they see her, it’s game over. There is also someone who knows her true nature, her brother, Urayama Kiyoshi, who will try and stop her. The player must avoid him. and Toda Kiyoshi and Yanase Kiyoshi are the father and mother of the protaganist, respectively, and you must avoid the cousin from telling them. It shall be called, Nakada High School: A Murder Story